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She’s the queen of falafel. The balaboosta of balaboostas. A cooking show contestant, winner and judge. And our fearless and feisty Commander-in-Chef.

Einat Admony was born and raised in Tel Aviv, cooked by her mother’s side, served in the Israeli army both as a driver and ad hoc cook, went to culinary school in Israel, and worked in many of the best New York and Tel Aviv restaurants.

So what’s a girl like that doing in a place like this?

Hunger. Specifically, a homesick hankering for falafel—the ultimate Israeli street food. To satisfy her craving she started tinkering with falafel recipes using the freshest, bestest ingredients. Then, she tackled every spread, side, salad, and smoothie that she wanted on the menu.

Einat cooking

Who’s that guy in the picture?

That’s Stefan Nafziger or just Stef once you meet him. Einat’s husband and business partner. She makes the food. He makes it happen. It’s a marriage of culinary kismet. And Taïm is their love child, not to be mistaken for their real children, Liam and Mika.

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