Then, you’ve come to the right place. Because at Taïm, our mission is to serve the best damn falafel in the world...and to have a ball doing it. This is not your typical restaurant job. At Taïm, we treat each other and our customers like family. Really, we do. That means we expect everyone to pitch in, take initiative, ask questions, and strive for better.

Now that we’re expanding across New York City to DC and beyond, our family needs to grow, too. We’re looking for curious, charismatic, confident, and considerate people who want to be part of this amazing falafel-filled adventure. Is there falafel in your future?

team member
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As the face of Taïm, we look for people who are considerate, curious, charismatic and confident. We want people who are obsessive about food and fantastic service. Our team members are cross trained in all positions in the restaurant and encouraged to take on more responsibility and grow with us.

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Supervisors oversee and understand the daily operations of the entire restaurant. They ensure food standards, customer service, ambience and team morale is being upheld by constantly coaching their team. They enrich the Taïm experience by being a presence on the floor and effectively building relationships with our customers.

general manager
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Taïm brand ambassadors. They are responsible for hiring and developing an excellent team of individuals and leaders to deliver unmatched food and service to our customers. We see our GMs as those who drive engagement with our customers and team members alike to foster the Taïm culture and to drive our business forward into the future.

Our values


Take initiative. Pitch in. Learn. Teach. And bring others along with you. Sweat the big & small stuff -- from the quality of the food to the customer experience.


Respect. Kindness. Generosity. Hospitality. That’s how we treat everyone here—coworkers and customers.


Open your mind. Ask questions. Aim higher. Make your voice heard. We’re all eager to listen, learn, and improve.


Laugh. Smile. Enjoy yourself. Yes, it’s work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. And when we do, our customers do, too.

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